About Rochelle


A busy wife, mother and business owner, Rochelle thrived in her early adult years in the corporate and finance world. Then a wave of post-natal depression, after her fourth son, debilitated her and forced her to re-visit the horrors of her sexually abusive childhood. With grit and determination she laboured against her own broken childhood and breathed life back into her shutdown heart, cracking open its language and writing as it flowed. She learnt to trust in the universal soul path she’d stepped onto.  

Each time she experienced a healing method that helped her, Rochelle studied and became qualified in that field to then in turn help others. She became a Bowen Therapist, Reiki and Seichem Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist using NLP methods, Journey Worker and Intuitive Healer. Owning and running a Day Spa and Healing Centre in North East Victoria.

Rochelle now immerses herself in connections with nature as they flow, bringing to life the lessons and messages through writing, speaking and facilitating. Her journey has led her many parts of the globe from New York where she pitched to Hollywood, to Bali to host women’s retreats, Africa to learn from poverty stricken leaders and Vanuatu to discover the 'simple' life.   

Rochelle’s message is honest, raw, authentic and much needed as we go forth and navigate our own chapter here on earth.

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