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Reaching out for My Own Wisdom!!!

Sitting in the centre of the Magnificent thousand year old Banyan I heard a voice. The Banyan spoke Great Wisdom. I believe that the Banyan allowed the voice, guidance and love of God to gently return me back to my own Space of Nothingness.
With an open heart I reach out and invite you to learn the Wisdom of my friend - the thousand year old Banyan tree.
Last week I was contacted by an Inspiring lady from the USA called Nancy Mills Via Skype she interviewed me for her top 12 pick books that she promotes through her website.
Instantly I found Nancy to be like an old friend. As we were chatting, out of the blue I decided to share my discovery of the Banyan tree whilst in Mauritius. I had chills when Nancy then shared she had just been on a spontaneous trip to the island of Kauai in Hawaii only the week before. The far north tip of this island is covered with Banyan trees. Nancy confirmed the sacred feeling that she also experienced.
Had the Banyan trees in Hawaii bought Nancy into my life?
It bought me back to the special moments when I had my special connection to the magnificent Banyan in Mauritius
The Banyan Speaks
I was lead to the far north tip of Mauritius where a grand 1,000 year old Banyan tree stood. I sat in her centre in awe of the magnificence and size spanning over 20 metres. As the Banyan grows she reaches out to drop aerial roots that over time become new trunks. Many trunks surrounded me as I sat in her centre. Like a mother she comforted me and spoke wisdom that took me deep within myself. My healing was discovered deep within. I was taken back to a space of nothing, that space before you are anything – like the tiny seed that my friend the Banyan once grew…..
You know all, you just need to learn how to still yourself and listen to the wisdom within.

Rosie Banyan
Rosie Banyan


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