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The Importance of Sisterhood & Being YOU!!

Last night I spent time with a new group of ladies. In sisterhood we all came together on the new moon to share, manifest and relax – what great female company!!  Immediately I felt a calm blanket around me as I wondered up the path that lead up the hill. The environment was perfect. Up in the hills of Healesville we sat in a Tipi with a small fire crackling in the centre. Sitting on comfortable cushions with the floor covered in soft animal skins.

What I really loved was being with this group of women where I felt no judgement. Everyone was settled in their own space and content with where they were at (even if life had been a challenge at times). We were able to share without impacting one another. No one was there to FIX anything. It was a gift to listen and be listened to -- being nurtured in what is called ‘Red Tent’.

The part of the evening I really enjoyed was manifesting what my year will bring. Amen to that!!!

In our society over time we have been taught to fear other women. In a competitive way that undermines our right as women to simply love and trust.

I woke with amazing energy this morning – I have not felt this in a while. Yes, my cup was filled….

Time for TRUE sisterhood – where we all encourage one another, become comfortable with who we are and connect into like-minded souls.

I highly recommend you find a group of women in your community like Red Tent.

Here is Melbourne I am starting to run events to create a similar sisterhood vibe……

19th March -- Women's Step Out of Your Life - Discover Self @ Peninsula Hot Springs


17th April -- Women's Step Out for an Afternoon @ Madame Brussels High Tea!!


Love Rosie x

Rosie Banyan
Rosie Banyan


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