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I'm sorry....

During the month of September I have felt a stirring to make peace in my world.
Over many years of friendships, some of these once rich and warm had became distant and cool. We had grown apart perhaps or in some cases ending with a sad word or situation.
I had not set out to force or even stumble across these past connections. Instead the universe placed them in my space physically or mind strongly.
Saying sorry has been my gift this month. Sorry that someone close just isn't anymore, sorry that a misunderstanding caused distance and sorry that life took a different direction.
Sending big hugs or giving big hugs has felt good. I wanted to share this because too often in the past I would push aside and ignore anything that caused me pain. Owning and standing in my emotion has been incredible. Facing the fear of rejection and judgement has bought me new self love gifts.

Love Rochelle x

By Rochelle
By Rochelle


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