- My Gift to You -


Legend says that trees are the record keepers of the earth. They are busy gathering information and holding volumes of wisdom and knowledge.

Trees contain a far-reaching communication super-highway network buried deep within Mother Earth – Here the recordings of all of life’s history of events, past present and future, are stored.

Branches layer themselves with information and their leaves capture your words and actions as you walk by them.

Trees are always listening.

On my first meeting with my beautiful Banyan tree, I noticed her trunks surrounded the entire central space. I managed to find a perfect clearing just over a metre in size, so I sat there resting my back against one of her many trunks. I would also rest on her fallen leaves, knowing that as time has gone by, she too has let go of many things.

When I reached out with an open heart back in 2013, I had no idea of the journey ahead......

Thank you grand Mother Banyan for your wisdom, insight and LOVE.


Banyan Tree Wisdom book and cards are full of Banyan Tree's essence, first gifted to me so that I can now pass on to others.



Praise for Banyan Tree Wisdom: My Gift to You

As gently as leaves fall from a tree, words can fall and touch you in the gentlest of ways.

“As one who has lived his life listening to, and heeding the wisdom of, Mother Nature in all her physical and non-physical expressions of life, it made me happy to know that someone else ‘gets it’. What I love about Rochelle’s experience with the Banyan tree is that is happened organically; she didn’t invite it, force it or manipulate it – she just received it – and allowed it to become part of who she is. Perfect. As a result, I know in my heart of hearts that what Rochelle is doing is not only authentic and valuable, but very much needed in this chapter of humanity’s adventure her on earth” – Scott Alexander King, author Animal Dreaming

“To Rochelle – a sister spirit. When a tree speaks one is given a gift. Sharing what we heard is our gift to others” – Colleen Baldrica, author Tree Spirit Woman, 2005

"As ancient knowledge surges up from within each of us and we slowly begin to awaken to wisdom of Unity consciousness, our hearts cry out to be heard and felt as never before. As our search for answers continues, Mother Nature reaches out her hand to guide and nurture us through this incredible time of change. Rochelle, in her book titled Banyan tree Wisdom: My Gift to You, offers a process which brings together the concepts of living from the heart and the unique workings of Mother Nature! Rochelle shares in such a beautiful and profound way her journey of healing and awakening – a story which relates to each and every one of us. Reading through each chapter, you can feel the spirit of the Banyan tree whispering her mystical secrets, enfolding you in her arms, and embracing you with unconditional love. The sacred wisdom shared by the Banyan tree not only inspires the reader to want to know more, but also offers a safe and gentle method of healing that is both unique and life changing. On each page there are magical gems which assist in the transformation of both the inner and outer world of the reader creating greater levels of happiness and success."- Dr Geraldine Teggelove Msc" 

"I feel held, supported and guided by Rosie Banyan tree's gentle wisdom in her cards. She provides me with space and clarity."  - Jess Lucas

"Banyan Tree Wisdom guidance cards are a true gift from the heart. A valuable tool to have in your healing toolbox as you journey through life."  - Jude Downes


A doorway into a time where I broke every rule. I booked a flight, leaving my life as I knew it. I ran to an unknown location to hide. My emotions chocked me, I was in pain, my own truth called for attention - my raw vulnerability that I'd worked so hard to ignore was screaming.  Picking up my pen I began to write.....

I'm aware that not everyone has been comfortable with my honesty. My story is confronting! I make no apologies for that. I do however invite those of you interested in reading my story of forgiveness, trust and love to grab a copy of 'Meeting Rosie Banyan'. I was ushered on a healing journey by something bigger than me. Rosie Banyan taught me how to unlearn a broken past, hold a safe space for my heart and finally trust in an uncontrolled, unexpected and simple life.


Praise for Meeting Rosie Banyan: Learning Forgiveness, Trust & Love

"What a wonderfully inspiring story this is. I'm sure it will affect and inspire many people." - Dalida (Moorabbin, Victoria)

"Most of us have a breaking point time in our lives. For Rochelle it was a life-changing moment! Rochelle did what most dream of, in stepping away from the day to day commitments of life to find herself. An awe-inspiring read that was difficult to put down." - Una (Warrandyte, Victoria)



Banyan Tree Wisdom Alchemy Oil