Banyan Tree Wisdom Alchemy Oil - 'Restore Balance'

“Each time I sat within the Banyan, she gifted to me what I needed most at that time.” 

My desire to share the Mother banyan with others. lead to me infusing her aerial roots in alchemy style, to create her own essence.

Be transported to feel the same loving embrace I did in her presence. Whatever you dream, wish to release or simply bring into balance - allow her magic to take you. Love Rochelle xxx


Banyan Tree Alchemy Oil re-balances the complete body and mind by calming emotions, healing wounds, releasing tension, revitalising mood and promoting clear thought.


Benefits: The blended oil works individually, providing each user with a different benefit depending on their own purpose and intent.

Carry the oil with you and apply as required to restore balance, promote feelings of relaxation and to aid in the release of emotional blockages.



Also ideal for:

Use during meditation and yoga to deepen internal connections.

Providing temporary relief from physical pain. 

Restful and soothing sleep. 

Restore balance will gift you a 'space' to be calm.

Ingredients: Banyan Tree aerial roots, Frankincense and Dragon’s Blood essential oils along with Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Malachite, Nuummite, Rose Quartz and Sugalite crystals. 

Directions: Apply externally, roll on to desired area.


Feel love from the great Mother Banyan


Praise for the Banyan Tree Alchemy Oil

“When I first held the essence of the Banyan I could feel her energy.” 

“The alchemy oil from Banyan has big powerful energy. It will help people who use the oil by heart.” 

"At the end of the day I let go from my heart all that needs ‘release’ ”

“The alchemy oils smell divine. This has helped me feel calm for sleep.” 

“I have replaced my perfume with this oil. My 7 year old  who has trouble falling asleep likes to put the alchemy oil on to give her sweet dreams – it is definitely well used” 

“I love the smell, I think the Banyan Tree alchemy oil has helped me get peaceful sleep, I usually have bad jet lag when I get home, worse than when I'm away, but I haven't experienced that.”

“I have been using the oils daily, they have helped a great deal…” 

"The other day I had pain in my stomach - once I rolled 'Restore Balance' over my upset - all pain and discomfort dissipated."

"A headache never stands a chance - as soon as I roll 'Restore Balance' or 'Release' onto my temples I feel instant ease."

“I love my alchemy oil, it makes me feel confident, powerful and ooze with love for myself!”

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