Banyan Tree Wisdom - My Gift to You

Sitting in the heart of the magnificent thousand-year-old Banyan tree, I heard a voice. The Banyan spoke great wisdom. I believe the Banyan spoke with the voice, guidance and love of the Universe to gently return me back to my own space of nothingness.

When the Banyan tree spoke, she gave me a gift – she opened my heart and gave me completeness. Sharing her words through this book is my gift to you.

I dream that the language of a complete heart be felt worldwide. 

Praise for Banyan Tree Wisdom: My Gift to You

As gently as leaves fall from a tree, words can fall and touch you in the gentlest of ways.

“As one who has lived his life listening to, and heeding the wisdom of, Mother Nature in all her physical and non-physical expressions of life, it made me happy to know that someone else ‘gets it’. What I love about Rochelle’s experience with the Banyan tree is that is happened organically; she didn’t invite it, force it or manipulate it – she just received it – and allowed it to become part of who she is. Perfect. As a result, I know in my heart of hearts that what Rochelle is doing is not only authentic and valuable, but very much needed in this chapter of humanity’s adventure her on earth” – Scott Alexander King, author Animal Dreaming

“To Rochelle – a sister spirit. When a tree speaks one is given a gift. Sharing what we heard is our gift to others” – Colleen Baldrica, author Tree Spirit Woman, 2005



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