Meeting Rosie Banyan - learning forgiveness, trust & love

‘Meeting Rosie Banyan’ – My life as I knew it was ripped from beneath me. Staring my reality in the eye, I was haunted by my truth. My childhood horror stories written.

Wanting to run and hide I booked a trip towards the unknown. I re-visited my broken childhood. I unlearned my shutdown, my compliance and pretend. I forgave those that trespassed against me as Mother Nature reached up through a thousand-year-old Banyan tree to hold me. The beautiful Banyan tree held a space of love within her and in her centre, my vortex of safety, I healed.

This is my story of hope, courage and trust. Into the core of my nothing space I surrendered and could finally just be me.

In this book Rochelle shares her journey of recovery from the trauma of child sexual abuse. She shares the pain and then the joy of release and healing, and how she was able to reconnect with her inner child to renew the love she felt for her husband, family and herself.

Rochelle shares her brave journey in the hope it will assist others to heal themselves.

Praise for Meeting Rosie Banyan: Learning Forgiveness, Trust & Love

"What a wonderfully inspiring story this is. I'm sure it will affect and inspire many people." - Dalida (Moorabbin, Victoria)

"Most of us have a breaking point time in our lives. For Rochelle it was a life-changing moment! Rochelle did what most dream of, in stepping away from the day to day commitments of life to find herself. An awe-inspiring read that was difficult to put down." - Una (Warrandyte, Victoria)


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