Earth Giant Tree Gift Series

"Thank you for taking the time to immerse yourself into the world of all things tree voice. A unique channelled calling from the Earth Giant's first made their way through my heart and onto a page back in 2013 when I found myself in the centre of a thousand year old Banyan tree. Gentle guidance and wisdom held space for what became a pivotal time to regain who I really was.....

This unique calling to bring a trees history and wisdom coupled with my own becomes a gift to all humanity.

My own fired up passion and promise I've honoured in every book.

The sequence of places, times in my own healing and re-learning have bought the grand old Oak on my farm in Victoria Australia, the Baobab in Senegal Africa, the Banyan in Mauritius, the Rainbow Gum in Maui, Hawaii, the Olive at Mount Olympus in Greece, the Pagoda in China, the Snow Gum up in the high country of Victoria Australia and the Moreton Bay Fig in the hinterland of
Queensland Australia into this collective set of 'tree voice' magic."

- Love Rochelle xx


Imagine if trees had voices. If, just like humans, they felt, observed and experienced life. Imagine if they were the keepers of secrets, including the mysteries of life itself. What if they held the key to unlock deep wisdom? If, through human hearts, their language could be heard, felt and recorded.

What if you then received the gift of this deep wisdom?

As earth’s secret-keepers share their treasures, I bring their wisdom, heart, joy, connection, gratitude, peace and soul as my gift to you.




All these master trees have shifted and changed everyone who connect.

In total there will be twelve master trees that take their special role in the 'Earth Giant Tree Gift Series'.

Available at Paperbacks, the first four in Audio CDs and their is a
 unique essence oil from every tree.