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Banyan Tree Wisdom - Alchemy Oil

‘We all start as nothing – a small space of freedom – before we become something.’

Essence of the magnificent thousand year old Banyan tree speaks great wisdom, infused with her Banyan aerial roots, along with other essential oils and crystals combine to gift you ‘Banyan Tree Wisdom.’

All Banyan Tree Wisdom Alchemy Oils contain the ability to:

  • Help release energies trapped in the subconscious – parts of the self that may have been lost to fear, trauma, guilt or shame.
  • Release fixated energies from childbirth, birth, or even past lives.
  • Reinforce one’s courage and determination to do inner work that is necessary to be healed and whole.
  • Take someone on a powerful journey deep into their psyche
  • Assist in one attuning with the elemental forces of the Earth
  • Allow personal magic
  • Activate love for oneself, life partner, children, family, friends, community and the Universe.
  • Heal the heart of its wounds.
  • Release tension, stress, anger and resentment.
  • Identify and release damaging beliefs, behaviours and habits.
  • Activate inner vision and open the doorway to one’s innermost motivations, thoughts and beliefs.
  • Emanate the healthiest energy pattern for the heart.
  • Assist in maintaining emotional balance.
  • Remind you to love and bless others.
  • Become aware of your own truth.
  • Feel love from the Great Mother Banyan

Banyan Tree Alchemy Oil re-balances the complete body and mind by calming emotions, healing wounds, releasing tension, revitalising mood and promoting clear thought.

Benefits: The blended oil works individually, providing each user with a different benefit depending on their own purpose and intent.

Carry the oil with you and apply as required to restore balance, promote feelings of relaxation and to aid in the release of emotional blockages.

Also ideal for:
Use during meditation and yoga to deepen internal connections.
Providing temporary relief from physical pain.
Restful and soothing sleep.

Ingredients:  Banyan Tree aerial roots, frankincense and Dragon's Blood essential oils along with Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Malachinte, Nuummite, Rose Quarts and Sugalite crystals.

Directions: Apply externally, roll on to desired area.


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