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Dream - Alchemy Oil

‘We all start as nothing – a small space of freedom – before we become something.’

Essence of the magnificent thousand year old Banyan tree speaks great wisdom, infused with her Banyan aerial roots, along with other essential oils and crystals combine to gift you ‘Banyan Tree Wisdom.’

Benefits of Dream Alchemy Oil:

  • Help you deepen your wisdom.
  • Connect into your intuition.
  • Creates a restful sleep.
  • You can make a dream pillow by putting uncooked rice in a muslin bag.
  • Anoint some on your temples or behind your ears.
  • Add some oil to a bath prior to going to bed.
  • Can also be used during meditation, yoga or any type of body-mind exercise.
  • Remember to keep a journal beside you to record your dreams.


Rose, Chamomile, Sandelwood, Thyme, Mugwort and a touch of Cinnamon as well as the essence of the Beautiful Mother Banyan tree


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